California Personal Injury Cases in the News

The attorneys of Girardi | Keese are regularly featured in headlines for winning the largest personal injury cases, from $4.85 billion for patients injured by Vioxx to hundreds of millions of dollars for workers who were injured by toxic chemicals at Lockheed's Burbank plant and Hinkley, California, residents injured by toxic damage caused by Pacific Gas & Electric in the "Erin Brockovich" cases.

Girardi | Keese attorneys regularly win the biggest verdicts and settlements for their clients. In addition to the hundred-million dollar cases, Girardi | Keese lawyers are in court every day representing individuals who have suffered injuries and the loss of loved ones.

Girardi | Keese attorneys David Bigelow and Graham LippSmith won two verdicts - one for $12.5 million, the second for $3.5 million - on behalf of former residents of the Masonic Homes for Children in Covina for sexual molestation suffered when they were residents in the 1970s.

Girardi | Keese lawyer V. Andre Rekte won a $9.2 million personal injury verdict for an auto collision in Clark v. Laidlaw.

Girardi | Keese lawyer Robert Finnerty won $26 million for employees who suffered chemical exposure in their workplace.

Girardi | Keese lawyer John 'Jack' Girardi won $1.825 million for a driver who was killed at a car crash in a dangerous intersection.

Girardi | Keese lawyer Andre Rekte won $1.4 million for Kristella Schuman, a 52-year old mother of three, who went to Eisenhower Medical Center with chest pains, was treated and discharged. She died three months later of acute myocardial infection.

California Attorneys Handling All Types of Personal Injury Claims

Since Tom Girardi founded Girardi | Keese in 1965, its attorneys have developed reputations for an unsurpassed knowledge of California personal injury law as well as their determination to build a compelling case for each client. Girardi demonstrated this in the 1970s, winning the first $1 million verdict in Los Angeles County for a medical malpractice case. Today, the firm wins billion-dollar verdicts and settlements against the nation's biggest corporations and insurers because of that same unwavering focus on bringing maximum resources to the pursuit of justice for the little guy.

The firm undertakes cases of all types, from mass torts and class actions to individual motor vehicle claims. We are unafraid of powerful defendants and have taken on major corporations, government agencies and insurance companies in our efforts to secure justice for injured clients.

We also work to ensure regulations are changed to prevent future harm. David Lira is currently pursuing reform of transportation safety laws to require seatbelts on tour busses after winning $35.7 million from DW Tours after an Arizona crash killed seven Chinese nationals and injured 10 others. Amy Solomon won safety improvements for patrons of Disneyland and other amusement parks following her victory (confidential settlement) for Brandon Zucker, who suffered devastating injuries on the Roger Rabbit ride.

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