California Medical Device Lawsuit in the News

Girardi | Keese is representing patients who received DePuy ASR hip implants before their manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, recalled the devices in 2010. Some 90,000 patients received DePuy ASR hip implants.

Johnson & Johnson is the parent company of DePuy and marketed the implant in the United States for five years. Within a few months of the first uses of the device, problems began to emerge. By 2006, the reports of problems multiplied, suggesting that the device was failing at an unusually high rate. An Australian study concluded that the DePuy implant failed at a higher rate than those from other companies.

The DePuy implant is a metal-on-metal device that has resulted in repeat surgeries (revisions) for more than 14,000 patients. Pain and other debilitating symptoms have affected many more. Its manufacturer circumvented the Food and Drug Administration approval process by asserting that the device was "substantially equivalent" to other devices already on the market.

California Lawyers Handling Medical Device Cases Throughout the United States

Girardi | Keese lawyers are among the nation's leading experts on medical device litigation. The firm brings significant resources and expertise to bear based on decades at the forefront of pharmaceutical, medical malpractice and medical device litigation.

This expertise is particularly crucial as baby boomers age and seek relief from arthritis and other degenerative diseases that affect their mobility and lifestyles; issues related to hip and knee implants and other medical devices will continue to grow. Having knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel is critical to building strong cases against medical device companies. There are millions of dollars at stake in these matters, and the manufacturers vigorously fight such claims. Having a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on your side can make a critical difference.

Since 1965, the attorneys at Girardi | Keese have been on the side of individuals who were hurt by corporations' unwillingness to acknowledge the harm caused by their products. Our law firm seeks to hold these companies accountable and have their dangerous devices removed from the marketplace.

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