News About California Intellectual Property Lawsuits

Girardi | Keese attorney Graham LippSmith is representing SocialApps, the developer of the popular MyFarm game against video game developer Zynga. The high-profile case arose when Zynga approached SocialApps allegedly seeking to acquire the company and secured its source code during the due diligence phase. Zynga then cut off negotiations, and within 30 days released Farmville, the No. 1 social networking game.

Girardi | Keese attorney Graham LippSmith is representing NovaLogic, which developed Delta Force, a first-person shooter game. NovaLogic claims Microsoft and Activision stole the Delta Force logo and used it in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games ever produced.

Girardi | Keese attorney Howard Miller is representing parapsychologist Larry Montz against Pilgrim Films, the producers of the hit SyFy series "Ghost Hunters." Montz claims his ideas were the basis of the series and that he was wrongfully denied involvement in producing the film and sharing in its profits.

Los Angeles Lawyers Handling Complex Intellectual Property Cases

"As ideas become more and more valuable in our economy, it's important for entrepreneurs and inventors to have trial lawyers to help them protect those assets." Graham LippSmith

Intellectual property has become an important practice for Girardi | Keese. In recent years, as ideas have become big business, the firm has expanded its representation of injured consumers to represent those whose ideas have been taken by others without compensation.

Inventors, writers, authors, songwriters, developers and entrepreneurs have all turned to the lawyers of Girardi | Keese when their property has been used or taken from them without compensation. The firm handles trademark, copyright, infringement, theft of ideas, patent and trade secrets matters.

Girardi | Keese, founded in 1965, will take on tough and complex cases. We believe that our involvement in IP cases levels the playing field for small-business people, inventors and others who might not be able to afford a big firm to help them enforce their intellectual property rights. Our contingency fee structure allows our lawyers to handle challenging IP cases that might otherwise never be pursued.

Check this page frequently to learn about developments in California IP cases or contact Girardi | Keese in Los Angeles at 213-977-0211 to discuss your legal issue with a lawyer. If you have questions about the laws governing intellectual property in California, call us.