Land Pollution Cases in the News

Girardi | Keese has taken a lead role against Shell Oil and its alleged contamination of the Carousel neighborhood of Carson, California The Los Angeles Times reported on benzene and other petroleum byproducts that were discovered in the Carousel neighborhood, which experts believe migrated from a nearby Shell Oil tank farm between 1924 and 1966. The tank farm housed storing 3.5 million gallons of crude oil over the years. Unfortunately, after Shell sold the property to Lomita Development, an entire community was built on the property in the early '70s. Residents have reported tarry substances oozing from the ground; gardeners have recounted concerns about the soil; and parents have complained about rashes and other illnesses their children experienced with seemingly unusual frequency.

The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board testing the Carousel ground in 2010 and found extreme levels of carcinogens had contaminated the soil and groundwater. The investigation also revealed dangerous levels of methane gas underneath the 285-home, 50-acre neighborhood. Girardi | Keese is representing the city of Carson and residents of Carousel against Shell Oil, seeking compensation and immediate relocation for the residents, who have suffered serious health problems and financial distress because they cannot sell their homes.

Although the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board has developed a remediation plan and ordered Shell to fix the properties, Shell has passed the buck. The oil company says that it sold the land to the developer "as is" and contends that cleanup is the buyer's responsibility. Shell also denies that the contamination poses a health risk to residents.

Toxic Dumping and California Law

The Carousel case is just the latest toxic tort case in which the attorneys of Girardi | Keese have championed the rights of consumers to clean air, land and water. The firm has won hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements against corporate polluters, including chemical manufacturers and oil companies who have leached cancer-causing and other deadly chemicals into the environment.

Girardi | Keese has extensive experience representing individuals harmed when houses, schools, office buildings and other structures are built on land where toxic chemicals and other substances were dumped. Girardi | Keese attorneys and their network of scientific and medical experts specialize in understanding the devastating health consequences of such exposure, including cancer, birth defects and chronic illnesses.

At the Los Angeles law firm of Girardi | Keese, our attorneys are committed to helping people whose lives and health have been destroyed because a company or individual negligently engaged in illegal dumping. Our law firm has the experience, knowledge and resources to build strong cases for our clients in pursuit of just compensation that will help them cope with the effects of polluted land.

Our California law firm, in business since 1965, is known as the home of aggressive and dedicated lawyers who will not rest until they obtain justice for injured clients. We handle land pollution and land use cases throughout California and the United States.

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