Employment Cases in the News

Girardi | Keese, led by John 'Jack' Girardi, represented Neil Harvey, an officer with the Newport Beach Police Department, who was not promoted because of perceptions of his sexual orientation. In addition, he claimed he was retaliated against for testifying truthfully about the discrimination claim of a fellow officer who was female. Girardi won Officer Harvey $1.2M.

Girardi | Keese, led by John Girardi, represented Ray Welch, an officer with the Anaheim Police Department, who suffered an injury and was stripped of meaningful responsibility and opportunity for promotion. The officer was even transferred to a remote substation. Girardi won Officer Welch $5.2M.

Girardi | Keese, led by John Girardi, represented Helen Carter, who worked for CB Richard Ellis for 30 years, rising to become office administrator of the Orange County region. New management stripped the nation's 60 office administrators - 59 of whom were women, most over the age of 40 - of bonus compensation opportunities and Carter sued. Girardi won her $1M.

Attorneys Handling Cases Involving Violations of California Employment Laws and Regulations

The attorneys of Girardi | Keese have a long track record of successful representation of individuals who are discriminated against, harassed and otherwise treated unfairly in the workplace. The firm's attorneys have developed a reputation as leading advocates for employees who are treated unfairly in the workplace, denied opportunities or pay they have earned.

Whether an employee faces difficulty from a private employer or a public agency - a police or fire department, hospital or health care facility, or government agency - Girardi | Keese attorneys are experienced in knowing the right type of claim to bring. The firm offers the resources and expertise to ensure an employee's claim is fully pursued.

Employees often feel powerless to deal with illegal and unfair behavior on the part of an employer. However, if an employer violates state or federal law in its employment practices, it should be held to account. At the California law firm of Girardi | Keese, our attorneys are dedicated to helping men and women who have suffered the consequences of employment discrimination and other illegal behavior.

Whether you have suffered retaliation, racial or gender discrimination or stereotyping, disability discrimination, or been denied fair wages or overtime to which you are entitled, Girardi | Keese attorneys are dedicated to ensuring you have the best representation available.

Founded in 1965, Girardi | Keese will take on tough and complex cases, fighting for people who were injured because of the illegal or negligent behavior of others.

Check this page frequently to learn about developments in employment law cases in California or contact Girardi | Keese in Los Angeles at 213-977-0211 to discuss your legal issue with a lawyer. If you have questions about California employee rights, call us.