Product Liability Lawsuits in the News

Girardi | Keese lawyer David Lira secured a $35.7 million settlement in connection with a tour bus rollover that killed seven Chinese nationals and injured nine others. This is the second such lawsuit handled by Lira, who is also advocating that seatbelts be required in tour busses.

"We have an underlooked safety problem plaguing our highways because vehicles over 10,000 pounds are not required to have seatbelts. And because of politics, it's been ignored while the bodies pile up." David Lira.

Girardi | Keese lawyer David Lira won $45.5 million from Ford Motor Co. for a six-year old boy who was paralyzed due to a defective seatbelt.

Girardi | Keese lawyer Graham LippSmith is representing Hawaiian homeowners in a class action lawsuit against a developer who installed faulty and noncompliant hurricane straps in 2,000 homes.

Girardi | Keese lawyer Amy Fisch Solomon won a confidential settlement against Disneyland for Brandon Zucker, who was rendered a quadriplegic at 4-years old when he was thrown from the Roger Rabbit ride when the safety bar failed.

Girardi | Keese lawyer David Lira represents the Williamson family against Mazda Motor of America Inc. in a case that made U.S. Supreme Court precedent broadening the rights of consumers to sue for product liability.

In Williamson v. Mazda, the court held that federal law governing auto safety does not pre-empt state lawsuits. The decision reversed California courts, which held the Williamson family was barred from suing for the death of Mrs. Williamson, who was killed when a vehicle hit the family Mazda. Mrs. Williamson had been wearing a lap belt, which was a safety device approved by federal regulations. The other family members, who were wearing combination lap-shoulder restraints, recovered from their injuries. Despite the federal regulation, Girardi | Keese brought suit claiming the van was improperly designed because the rear passenger seats had only lap belts. Mazda initially won dismissal because the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards gave motor vehicle manufacturers a choice of seat belt types in rear seats. Mazda claimed the federal law negated, or pre-empted, the Williamsons' eligibility to seek legal relief for the death of Mrs. Williamson. The U.S. Supreme Court disagreed unanimously and paved the way for the Williamson family to seek relief in California. Fortunately, the Safety Standards have been changed and now manufacturers are required to have shoulder restraints for every passenger seat.

California Lawyers Handling Product Liability Claims Throughout the United States

Girardi | Keese is one of the nation's leading law firms handling product liability claims. Its lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers hurt and killed by defective products

The firm's attorneys are known for their willingness to undertake complex tort cases such even when the odds seem long so long as the cause is right. They have won $35 million against a supermarket for an 11-year old girl who suffered serious brain damages after an improperly maintained light pole fell and struck her; $7.9 million against an auto manufacturer for a defective airbag that caused brain injury to a 6-year old child; $7.1 million against the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority for a brain-injured client; and $5.3 million against a building contractor for a construction worker who suffered a spinal injury. These are just a few of thousands of the injured individuals the attorneys of Girardi | Keese have been honored to represent in nearly 50 years of advocating on behalf of injured individuals.

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