Leading Consumer Law Firm for Nearly 50 Years

Tom Girardi founded Girardi | Keese in 1965 with one goal: to fight for ordinary people who have been hurt by large corporations and businesses more interested in profits than people. Since then, we have grown to the largest plaintiff firm in California with more attorneys who have been recognized as top trial lawyers than any other firm.

Our Philosophy, Our Attorneys, Our Cases

Our track record illustrates our commitment to taking on big businesses on behalf of individuals and groups of individuals. We have handled numerous high-profile cases in California and throughout the United States, winning compensation for the damage done by dangerous drugs, environmental polluters, automotive defects, insurance companies that deny coverage and employers that discriminate. Our results have created new California laws that protect the rights of consumers every day.

Our cases are regularly featured in the headlines, whether we are taking on the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers for Bryan Stow or the National Football League for injured former players. Our case against Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for causing serious health issues to residents of Hinkley, California, through toxic pollution was made into the Academy Award-winning movie, Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts.

We have made these headlines because the lawyers of Girardi | Keese provide legal representation to consumers who need a champion. Our attorneys are known as tough courtroom advocates who have the backing of a law firm with significant resources. We also partner with attorneys throughout the United States to ensure the most effective representation in class actions, mass tort cases and individual plaintiff matters.

Tough Attorneys Backed by Extensive Resources

Individuals who hire the lawyers at Girardi | Keese to represent them will find that we are dedicated trial lawyers who take a team approach to each matter. We bring significant resources to build winning cases as the best results often depend on the help of engineers, medical and scientific specialists and safety experts. Our financial resources allow us to cover upfront the cost of consultations with these valuable specialists.

This website highlights some of the areas in which Girardi | Keese has distinguished itself - environmental law, plaintiff employment, prescription drugs, intellectual property, medical devices, insurance bad faith, defective products and personal injury. The cases discussed here represent just a few of the tens of thousands of injured consumers who have found justice with the help of lawyers at Girardi | Keese.

For information about our law firm or for a consultation about a legal matter, contact our Los Angeles law office at 213-977-0211.